women with breast cancer

Macarena established the Badges of Courage™ Foundation in 2010 based on a very personal commitment to help women cope with a disease that has plagued her own family for generations – breast cancer. Her great-grandmother, grandmother and mother all had breast cancer and mercifully, they all survived the ordeal. After her mother had a radical mastectomy several years ago, Macarena knew she had to do something to help others afflicted with this terrible disease. Armed with a successful career in advertising design as well as a strong desire to translate those assets into something unique and creative, she created the Badges of Courage Foundation to raise funds and to pay tribute to these valiant women.

To raise money for the cause, the foundation offers actual hand-made “Badges of Courage” for donations. Each “badge” is a soft cushion hand-made to resemble the female breast. On the back of each one, there is an inspirational message such as “survivor”, “strength”, or “celebrate life”; in either English or Spanish.  The multi-colored badges feature hand crafted painting, beading and embroidery.

These badges were created to honor and inspire the thousands of women that are living with breast cancer every day.

Macarena Zilveti graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Advertising Design.  She has over 20 years experience in the advertising industry and has her own design firm Zilveti Communications.  Born in Chile, she is fluent in both Spanish and English.  Macarena resides in Miami with her two daughters, Alejandra and Victoria.

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